Tech-1: Cobalt-60 supply chain

Tuesday November 08, 2022 from 08:30 to 10:00

Room: Lunar

Tech-1.3 Improving Co-60 supply chain efficiency

Corby Nicholson, Canada

Director, Operations


Improving Co-60 supply chain efficiency

Corby Nicholson1.

1Nordion, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Although the basic design of the industry-standard double-encapsulated C-188 sealed Cobalt-60 source has remained relatively unchanged since its introduction more than 55 years ago, the technology for producing these sources has advanced considerably.  Given increasingly complex global supply chains and the current pressure on Cobalt supply, manufacturing planning approaches have also needed to adapt in order to maximize the number of Curies that are made available to the market.  One of the more recent developments in production technology is the introduction of sophisticated recycling techniques at scale, not only virtually eliminating the need for disposal of radioactive material, but also incrementally increasing supply.  The optimization of recycling involves a combination of planning, infrastructure, source design and manufacturing capability.  This presentation will provide insight into challenges and solutions for sealed source production and recycling, and highlight changes in both the broader supply chain and Nordion’s manufacturing capabilities that will contribute to improved Cobalt-60 availability for gamma processing.

Presentations by Corby Nicholson

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