Plenary 2: Dosimetry and modelling

Monday November 07, 2022 from 10:30 to 12:00

Room: Lunar & Moon

P2.6 E-Beam dose mapping: What about modelling the “REAL” product

Abbas Nasreddine, France

Research Scientist
Irradiation and Dosimetry


E-Beam dose mapping: What about modelling the “REAL” product?

Abbas Nasreddine1, Thomas Deschler1, Josef Mittendorfer2, Florent kuntz1.

1Aerial, Illkirch, France; 2High Tech Consulting , Traunkirchen, Austria

Monte Carlo simulation is becoming more and more popular thanks to very user-friendly tools like RayXpert (TRAD, France). However, product geometry/composition input files must be either coded or implemented through CAD files. Both lead to artificially created products with limited precision and accuracy when it comes to compare them with real products. For electron beam dose mapping, where dose gradients are much more pronounced than for high energy X-rays or gamma irradiation, to use high of resolution 3D CT scan images of real products is highly interesting and a novel alternative to conventional data input.

The presentation has the objective to evaluate the benefits of Monte Carlo simulations using these CT scan images. It highlights the process implemented to exploit and integrate the CT scan data in the simulation model. The simulation results, including high resolution 3D images of the dose distributions inside products irradiated with low and high energy electrons, will be presented and discussed in detail.

This in-progress development is using the Monte Carlo platform GEANT4/GATE and a proprietary in-house analysis software. The feerix® irradiation facility has been used for comparison between simulation results and dose mapping for one of the studied products with good agreement between the two.

The extensive amount of available information on dose in this simulation model allows for a fresh look on data interpretation in terms of minimum/maximum dose zones and dose uniformity using statistical analysis.

This novel approach has been developed by Aerial for E-Beam dose mapping especially based on the experience gathered from both, radiation therapy and radiation imaging.

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